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Dave Martin's
Bucking Bull Hall of Fame

Speedy#119 Double H Speedy Gonzales - Weighting only 1025 lbs., a Coffee Ranch Mexican crossbred, Speedy terrorized APRA bull riders. If you could ride him, you still had to get away from him. Many times Speedy would flatten the bull rider, bull fighters, judges, and the gateman before he left the arena.

He appeared on National Television on the PBR Bud Lite Cup.

BoneCrusherBonecrusher - Purchased at Ardmore, OK, bull sale in 1975. He was the highest priced bull, bucked out 159 times before he was qualified on.

Bonecrusher tore up a lot of arena and was retired to © Ranch in NY in 1982.

BuckhornBuckhorn - A 1600 lb. Gray Brahma from Texas. Buckhorn had a reputation for being hard to twist and hard to get away from when he had you on the ground. Prior to joining Dave Martinís string, he was leased to Longhorn Rodeo Co. who used him as their feature animal at several large indoor rodeos. After injuring a clown during a performance, he was sent to HJ Rodeo Co. in VA and his career put on hold. Joe Thomas, a livestock dealer from PA realized the bullís potential and got him added to Dave Martinís toro pen.

During this time he was voted the "APRA 1983 Bucking Bull of the Year".

BabyBlackHeartBaby Blackheart - Purchased from an auctioneer, Buddy Artirp, in VA for $300. As a 600 lb. yearling, this bull was hard to ride and treacherous with his horns during his twelve years of bucking.

He was retired in 1992 after a permanent injury to his leg from fighting with another bull.

JohnnyAngelJohnny Angel - Bought from former world champion, Jim Shoulders, by Joe Thomas Livestock of Carlisle, PA, and leased to Dave Martin. Bucked 3 years, and in over 150 attempts, was ridden only once by Clinton Cessna for 84 points.

Died from kidney stone complications and was voted 3 times Bucking Bull of the Year in APRA. He won this award even after his death.

Immortalized in the Dave Martin Championship Rodeo Flying Bull logo. His theme song was George Thorogoodís "Bad to the Bone".

IronManIron Man - Purchased in Ft. Worth for $8,000. From over 1,000 bulls in the IPRA they chose 60 to appear in the OKC, International Finals Rodeo. Out of those 60, Iron man was voted the Best Bull of the Finals in 1994. His career record was, out of 144, rode 4 times successfully.

One of the "Ballistic Brothers" - a biologically related family of bucking bulls from the state of Oklahoma. Dave Martin wagered as much as $3,000 during 1994 that this bull wouldnít get rode.

Iron Man died suddenly in 1995 from anaplasmosis, a complicated disease of the blood. Iron Manís theme song was Ozzy Ozborneís "Iron Man".

HighVoltage#220 Double H High Voltage - Purchased in Atlanta, Georgia, this bull had been qualified on only once when he was less than two years old. He bucked for 3 years at Dave Martinís Rodeos unridden, bucking off Clinton Cessna at Bullride Mania and American Finals Rodeo.

After bucking off World Champions Tuff Hedeman and Terry Don West at PBR Bud Light Cup events, the dark red horned bull was sold to James Harper of Harper/Morgan Rodeo in Louisiana for $15,000 in 1998.
That same year #220 went to the PBR Finals and the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas.

BuffaloBill#393 Buffalo Bill - Outlawed from the PRCA as a "Freak of Nature", Bill came to the east coast from David Bailey Rodeo Co. of Tahlequa, OK, by way of Ernie Treadway in South Carolina. Ridden once by Lane Frost in the early 1980ís for 90 points, Bill had quite a reputation.

Born from a bison bull and brangus cow, Bill bucked at Dave Martinís Rodeo as a feature for over ten years, with over 300 trips out of the chute with a $1,000 bounty offered by Dave Martin for each qualified ride. Out of over $300,000 offered, only two riders - Mike Swearingen and J. R. Raulersen each qualified and collected their $1,000 bounty.

At 20 years of age Bill was retired to Juniata Springs Buffalo Farm in 1998. Billís theme song was "Lunatic Fringe" by Red Ryder.

Scarecrow#15 Double H Scarecrow - Bought by Jack Ratjen, Mansfield, TX in 1992, Scarecrow was known for his superior athletic ability and highflying leaps. Usually ridden only once or twice a year, Scarecrow went to the International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma. As a youngster, he appeared at Mesquite Rodeo, but many of the Texas cowboys turned him out and wouldnít get on because of his horns. One of Scarecrow's last qualifying rides was by the late Jesse Martin in June 1997 - winning the Shartlesville, PA Rodeo.

Scarecrow was retired in 1998 to a ranch in Ft. Worth, TX, where the winters are milder.

JohnnyRotten#515 Johnny Rotten - Bought from Larry Kephart of Lawton, OK who bought him as a yearling at Charlie Plummerís estate auction. Johnny bucked at the International Finals Rodeo for several years before coming East. As a sire, his offspring were outstanding bucking bulls - El Diablo, Yellow Jacket and Voodoo Child to name a few.

Johnny was retired to J-W Ranch as a herd sire in 1999 at twenty years of age. 



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